Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is meant for client reputation. Each browser and registered users are important for us. We collect their information like name and email address for the purpose of:

  • Improving performance of our website
  • Provide the best browsing experience
  • To navigate our potential client’s browsing behaviour
  • Make customer care relationship happy
  • And to keep our customers updated with the latest events and services

We disclose our customer personal data to our partners when they give assurance to not to use it for advertising purpose and for any misuse. It also happens under the law.

Don’t worry about the privacy of your information. It couldn’t be hacked because we use top quality software.

Cookies are displayed in the web portal that takes our visitors to other websites which are our partners. But they cannot access our customer’s personal data.

We have Power:

We have the right to make changes in the privacy policy.

If you have any doubt related to the policy, feel free to connect with us by sending an email.  We respond you as soon as possible.

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